First of all we offer you the possibility to fortify yourself with trout caught by you. For a small fee, you may order vegetables to make the meal perfect. You may also ask to salt, spice and pack your trout up to enjoy it at home. Depending on the method of salting this kind of fish will be eatable in 3–12 hours.
For those who like soup, we recommend to order tasteful fish soup. The special recipe is from the host of the Centre.
Besides, we offer various pre-ordered dishes to our customers. In our menu you can find the food of any kind, i. e. from simple snacks to special game dishes made especially for big events. Game dishes prepared according to the special recipes are really enjoyable.

Picnic basket

If you like to take a walk in nature or go to the beautiful beach of Andineeme, we suggest you to order our picnic basket. We kindly ask you to inform us in advance about the size of your company and your wishes concerning the content of the basket. In this case we are able to do our best to meet your expectations.


En the case of pre-ordering, the owner of Jõekääru Holiday Centre will bake for you delicious cakes or knot-shaped biscuits that have received only good ratings from specialists..


Every guest may buy any drinks he/she likes in our bar. You may choose your favorite drinks among spirits and beverages.